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Unique Nutritional Supplements

For drug addiction recovery, nicotine cessation, detoxification, ADHD recovery, mood enhancement and general wellness


It is amazing what can happen when you get your brain chemistry in proper working order. The brain has several “feel good” chemicals and receptors that require the proper nutrition to be activated and function properly. In today's fast paced, “on the go” society, most people just plain don't give the brain what it needs for that to happen -- which leads to so many of today's issues: depression, addiction, attention problems, tobacco use and overall low mood problems. NuPathways products are formulated to get those “feel good” chemicals and receptors back into proper working order.

The products were formulated by CE Gant, M.D. to meet the needs of people with disorders related to brain chemistry imbalances such as addiction, AD/HD, and mood disorders. Scientific research has found that symptoms associated with these disorders can be ameliorated with the proper nutrients. The products were developed to target and restore neurotransmitters that can bring brain chemistry into normal balance and allow optimal brain functioning. Other products aid in the absorption, assimilation, and synthesis of healing nutrients.

These products have the highest quality ingrediants you can buy and really work as they target specific neurotransmitter deficiencies to achieve the purposes for which they were developed. Many people attribute their wellness and quality of life to the effectiveness of the nutrients . These products have been proven safer than pharmaceutical drugs and offer a healthy alternative to toxic psychoactive drugs. 

ADHD Recovery
Drug Recovery
Mood Enhancing
Nicotine Cessation
"Our son Jordan was diagnosed with ADHD. We used the product “Focus”and he has done wonderfully."

S. Henderson -